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Crafting a strong password as a Self-Affirmation Statement:

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Alisanne Steele | TheSoftwareConsultant | Rabbit Hole Technology I have been telling clients to use Pass-Phrases for quite some time now, and they usually ask, “what should I use”? I used to respond, “something random, but memorable, and throw in numbers and special characters”.  For example: “H!s Dog $p0t” However, in my most recent round of personal password…

Why and How Law Firms Should Safeguard Their Clients’ Data

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TheSoftwareConsultant | Thursday, September 13, 2018 Feature specially written for blog.thesoftwareconsultant.com Feature by: Jean Brandrick Last July, personal security website ASecureLife ranked Nevada as the riskiest state for security theft and it’s not hard to see why. Nevada is known for gambling and spending extreme amounts of money – two very attractive activities for identity thieves and hackers.…